If I visit the dealership what should I bring with me?

If you have your paperwork ready it will help things move along a lot faster. If you visit a NAFCO affiliated dealership and would like to apply for an auto loan, you should bring the following items with you to speed the application process: Valid Driver’s License Proof of income (such as two recent pay [...]

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Can I trade in my current vehicle?

Yes, we will consider your trade in, even if you have an existing loan on it. Depending on how much you owe on the trade this may affect the amount of your payments on your next vehicle. So keep that in mind. You may want to pay off your current vehicle before trading it in [...]

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How much down payment will I need?

Our down payment requirements are designed to fit the budget of our customers. The specific down payment requirement you will have depends upon many factors. We want to find a way to make the purchase of a NAFCO financed vehicle simple, fun, and easy. That is why we don't have one size fits all requirements. [...]

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How soon can I know whether my application is approved?

We will provide you with an offer, based on your application, after we have had a face to face interview. We feel that meeting with our customers and discussing their specific transportation needs and desires allows us to make the best credit decision for the customer. During the interview you will have a chance to [...]

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What should I do after submitting the application?

When you submit your application to NAFCO you will be contacted by one of our loan specialist to set an appointment to review your application. We will ask you to bring some documents with you to the appointment to help us make the best credit decision possible. At the appointment, after our interview, we will [...]

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What types of vehicles are available?

We offer a wide selection of vehicles to choose from - sedans, wagons, SUV's, trucks, and vans. The specific vehicles available at any time change as our dealer affiliates' inventory changes. You will be offered a selection of vehicles to choose from that you are qualified to purchase. One will be just right for you!

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