Schedule of Fees

Effective September 26, 2016

Payments to NAFCO without convenience fee can be made by check or money order mailed to our offices at 3449 E Copper Point Dr Ste 275, Meridian, ID 83642, or by cash, check, or money order presented to a NAFCO Payment Collection Center*. Payment fees are charged for transactions associated with the items listed below.

Late Payment
5% of amount due after 10 days (Idaho $15.00 minimum)

Convenience Fee
$4.00 for each Debit or ACH payment. Payments initiated by regularly scheduled ongoing term of loan auto payments executed by either ACH or Debit transaction, and payments made by cash or check are not subject to conveience fees. Payments made online, or payments made by phone are subject to convenience fees. Special payment request, twice failed auto payments, and auto payment adjustment request are subject to convenience fee for each payment transaction.

Returned Payment
$20 per returned ACH item

Failed Auto Payment
$4.00 fee after two failed auto payment debit card attempts.

Contract Modification Agreements (CMA)

CMA fees are charged for the production, review, updating of the loan servicing software, and recording of a written document
modifiying the terms of an existing loan. All CMA request are subject to acceptance by NAFCO.

Due Date Change Request
Service Repair Advance
Deferred Payment Request
All other CMA's
$27 per change request
$67 per advance
*$37 per deferred payment request
*$67 per reamortization
$67 per CMA

Other Fees

Repossession Redemption

$250 to redeem a repossessed vehicle.

Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI)

Charged each day where physical damange insurance coverage cannot be confirmed at the rate of $91 monthly in advance (collected with next payment due date prorated to actual days ). Accounts with CPI that are past due beyond 15 days are subject to immediate disablement pending payment to bring account current. Unearned CPI premiums collected shall be credited to account upon confirmation of physical damage insurance coverage by an accepted insurance carrier as of the day of effective coverage.

Title Modifications

$45.00 for all titles required to be surrendered for changes requested by Debtor

Statement of Satisfaction of Debt $27 for production of a Satisfaction of Debt Statement.

Questions concerning this schedule can be directed to our contact form or by calling 208-297-7953

* NAFCO Payment Collection Centers are located at our main office at 3449 E Copper Point Dr Ste 275, Meridian, ID 83642 during regular business hours M-F 9:00am to 5:00pm. Exact cash required as change is not available.