How To Get Financed

If you have bad credit and are looking to get an auto loan, you may find it difficult to finance a car traditionally, but there are lending options available for individuals with blemished credit. If you have a low credit score, a history of late payments, no credit history, or a bankruptcy or repossesion, then NAFCO auto financing is an option you should consider and it is simple to get approved. We offer low down payments and easy to make payments to qualifying applicants.

Check Your Personal Credit Report

Before applying for an auto loan, you should request a copy of your personal credit report from the credit reporting agencies. Review the report for any errors. Checking your report prior to applying for a loan helps you demonstrate that you are concerned about your credit and understand what your lender will be looking at when they evaluate your loan application. By reviewing your credit report you will be able to answer any questions about items on the report if the lender asks.

Be realistic in the price of a car that you can afford.

We all want to drive a better vehicle. But cars are among the most expensive items a consumer is likely to purchase outside of a house. So we need to be realistic about what were willing to accept and able to pay for in a new vehicle. Asking for a vehicle you really can’t afford only establishes that you have not yet come to understand credit. Don't bite off more than you can chew. Be reasonable in your vehicle selection and only purchase what is affordable.

Come Prepared

When you go out to shop for a vehicle, be proactive and come prepared. Your lender will want to see some proof of income. So pack along your two most recent paycheck stubs. And don’t forget that insurance bill, bring it along too. Because you know you are going to be required to prove you have insurance on your new automobile. Also, grab a recent utility bill and a copy of your real estate lease because you will need to have proof of residency. And don’t forget your driver’s license. They won’t let you test drive without it!

So there you have it. With a little effort on your part you are now in position to go get that car loan on the ride of your dreams. Call NAFCO today to get started at 208-297-7953, or apply online.

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